Your home’s best friend can be a good quality pressure washer. You will use it in cleaning every part of your house exterior. You need to have a good machine to blow away all pollen and dust gathering on your home’s windows and siding or bricks. The results will shock you. The machine’s right model will help you clean the patio, deck, sideways, and even outdoor furniture. The machine is also a perfect DIY for your carwash.

How to buy and use a pressure washer

Apart from cleaning, use the machine to retore the surfaces in your homestead. If polyurethane or paint is peeling from the fence or garage door, the machine easily strips off those coating before applying a new layer. In the refreshment of a graying fence, the high-pressured water will quickly strip the thin layer to expose the wood’s original color. The pressure washer can also help in blasting away green mold growing on concrete or bricks in the rainy season.

With the different jobs in your compound, you need to go for a durable machine with the right accessories and power.

While shopping for your pressure washer, you need first to decide whether to go for an electric or gas-powered model. The gas model sprays water farther and delivers higher pressure. Remember not to base on farther and higher as your main target since jobs differ. For your car washing, you need a machine with at most 1500 pounds per square inch. It will mean you choose electric pressure since it’s within this range. To clean your whole house exterior, driveways, or sidewalks, you will need a gas-powered machine with a high gallon per minute (GPM).

Get the pressure washer that will work for you. As a result of the work the machines do, it’s easy for pressure washers to wear out at a faster rate than you can imagine. You need a durable machine to serve you longer.

Leaks are the major problem of aging washers. A leak will reduce the effectiveness of the machine and wastewater for cleaning. The new machine should have a replaceable rubber washer and brass nose fitting as you buy it. They will offer a tight leak-resistant connection between the garden hose and your washer.

Buy a machine with a flexible sprayer nose. While cleaning, you will need the machine hose to flex and move as you move. It’s not good to wrestle with a very stiff hose. The pressure washer should at least have two sprayer tips. The tips will control spray patterns and the water pressure. A narrow stream has higher PSI. Select the machine that has a wide range of tips to fine-tune spray patterns to fit the cleaning power of each job. The sprayer needs to use universal spray tips and not proprietary ones. It will be easy to buy the replacement tips if you break or lose any.

With the above advice, you can now pick the best machine that will suit your specific job. You will have an easy time cleaning your homestead.


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